weird shit outside the white house

a lot happens at 1600 pennsylvania ave. sometimes it's outside.

Sweeet this is so awesome! Too excited to do more!
this is so cool! I
 cant wait for more!
omg this is so interesting! Too excited for more!
the woman who’s been living in a tent for 30 years in front of the white house wears crocs. that is all.
the ghost of abe lincoln bizarrely disco dancing in front of the white house? orrrr, just a couple of hasidic jews being tourists.
this non-english-speaking tourist just walked up and posed for a picture next to Concepcion Picciotto, the woman who’s been living in a tent outside the white house for 31 years. no words were exchanged. time stood still for those five awkward seconds.
today’s oddity at 1600: a lone protester in the fight against carbon emissions, working on his laptop right in the middle of the street. why not?
a one-woman protest against women’s violence in iran, right in front of the white house. for reasons unbeknownst to me (and her?), this is scrawled on her sign in small print as some sort of addendum: “just a rehearsal for my halloween costume.”
nooo, my mommy didn’t make me sit here with this sign and stick my fingers in the air so people would have no choice but to take my perfectly crafted all-american picture.
a coupla blocks from the white house sits this guy, who colors in coloring book pages and sells them individually as “greeting cards.” i’m partial to the unicorn trotting in front of the sun. maybe for a baby shower. or a zoo party.